Jeremy Griffith’s writing and the work of the World Transformation Movement have generated enthusiastic endorsements from readers and viewers throughout the world. The following is a selection that appears online as articles, comments and reviews.


The smartest author i have read in the past decade (and i place him ahead of Illich, Monbiot, Martenson Smiley Face ), Aristotle, Plato [big call... perhaps ive had too much whisky], and Chomsky) is an Australian scientist and philosopher Jeremy Griffith. A quick visit to this page will show an outline of this reasoning. There are links to the entire book “a species in denial” there, as well as short summaries.’ The same author also contributed a second post to the same discussion thread: ‘If you want to understand how denial was breed into us and how to get around it, then Griffith is your man. Reading Griffith is like reading another languageyou know its English, you can understand the words, but the concepts are so basic and so different that they are almost incomprehensibleits a paradigm shift of a read. Awesome.’ (Comments by ‘straight’ on <>)


A response to these comments, also on the same thread:

‘I completely agree with the poster. The new web address is but unfortunately it seems by the lack of people willing to delve into and explore these ideas we may well be in end game. I can’t speak highly enough of the insight that Jeremy Griffith has discovered. Truly it unlocks all apparent paradoxes of the human experience and has been a key to unlocking the meaning of all the art and literature I have applied it to. Take 30 minutes and watch Part II - The Human Condition I’m sure you will find your mind bent wide open. Seek the truth and good luck to us all! (Comment by ‘unasimple’ on <>)


‘Great Minds of TodayHumanitus Interruptus’

Friends, some issues are so overwhelming, so challenging, we shun them. We look away, walk away, or mentally distance ourselves from the offending information. I have suggested in past blogs, we are a deeply haunted, a deeply alienated species

Being oblivious to the root cause of our personal disquiet, we invent fanciful threats and blend those together with genuine threats to our well-being. The valid threats I propose, are also only symptoms of a deeper human disquiet. A biological root exists. Its so upsetting we don’t want to look at it…

The origins of this root distemper, are buried under tons of cultural misdirection and faux intellectualism. We justify the state of the world and man by inventing hundreds of religions and philosophies to explain it, but again none of these come close they’re sticking plasters

Let me introduce Jeremy Griffith. First the disclaimer, I’m not a member of the World Transformation Movement (WTM), nor am I paid to endorse its position. I find Jeremy’s conclusions compelling, I find his evidence substantial, I’m not fan of joining movements or clubs so I present his work as an observer only.

Jeremy Griffith’s “A Species in Denial” came out in 2004, I read it in 2005, and at the time it was not an easy read. The core concepts keep slipping from my mental grasp, at the time I put it down to bad writing, however a second reading revealed something the Author had indicated from the outset.

Your mind doesn’t want to understand the content.

The second read was quick and painless, lending weight to the previous statement. In his book he defines a number of issues that confront Humanity, he then goes onto demonstrate how they are symptomatic of a deeper malaise. The cause of the malaise is exposed, remedied and the reader is left with at the very least an understanding of themselves, and for me something of an optimism for the future.

I will let Jeremy’s work speak for itself, you can find the transcript for his Video series here: Freedom Transcripts. The Video Series itself kicks off on the WTM homepage here: WTM

The WTM’s semi-formal video approach may not appeal to all, having read A Species in Denial, I personally prefer the written material. We have a lot of competing noise for our attention these days, and it would be criminal to let that overwhelm our true potential, by masking useful information with hideous noise

Never do we see a cogent, organic answer to WHY we behave as we do, only complex puzzles, and unverifiable ‘Secrets’. Its always ‘They Make us do it’, or ‘We’ve been programmed from birth’, truth is hardly any of the Human race makes into adult hood undaunted by the Human Condition. We do what we do, because we didn’t have an answer that explains WHY we did what we did.

Personally, I think Griffiths research provides that answer, and does so without dogma, political or religious. One feels a tangible relief, when the subject is understood, no need to kick oneself anymore…We don’t have to put up with “Not Knowing” anymore, check out the WTM’s research, I think you’ll find it compelling. (Article by ‘Fitzy’, Humanitus Interruptus – Great Minds of Today, 21 Oct. 2011; see <>. Note: the extract provided here is an abridged version of the article as it appears on the website listed. Click on the link to read the article in full.)


Consciousness is actually a lot simpler than we think. Once you hear this really simple definition, you’ll be blown away (Comment by Jay Teros at <>)


‘...I am infinitely grateful that light is slowly, too slowly, bringing understanding to each and every one of us. I’ll get someone of faith to thank god for your insights. I am simply filled with everlasting gratitude.’ (Comment by ‘ErnieBilko53’ about Section 1:8 of the WTM Video Series 2 on the WTM YouTube channel at <>)


‘Science is practised by humans. All humans suffer the human condition. This article by Jeremy Griffith is the most incisive and conclusive explanation of what science is that I have ever read. It is incredibly interesting on many, many levels.’ (Comment by James at <>)


‘This human condition info has helped both my wife and I. The WTM perspective helps us better understand, empathize and deal with life. I have also really enjoyed the book FREEDOM. Particularly the part where it hits EO Wilson’s ideas head on...’ (Comment by Dave Larsen <>)


‘It’s HereA thought-provoking movement championed by an Australian biologistThe World Transformation Movement. 8-minute intro video

This is endorsed by over 100 major scientists world-wide and growing, including Steven Hawkings [sic], Richard Leakey, the previous head of the Canadian Psychiatry Association, etc…a fundamental explanation of what the “human condition” truly is, and how each of us can release ourselves from it. Our current framework that we live in has shown that it has outlived its useful life and is now shot through with holes. It can no longer carry us into the future.

It’s a scientifically-based approach to individual change, which does not abandon religion (for those who are religious), instead of believing that there is an external cause that needs to be changed that will alter the plight of the world and the individual feelings of profound despair. It’s us, each of us, and past generations, that have created this fast destabilizing world we live in, based on the human condition.

There is a lot to take in with this movement, a lot of information. The integrity of the movement information is bullet-proof and has been substantially researched.’ (Comment posted on <>)


This is the second most amazing thing that has happened to humanity. The most amazing thing ever will only happen when people understand the real meaning behind these words! I’ve tried to understand this information for 2 year. I’ve probably watched this presentation over 100 times. Gah! words are too limited for this. Here have some love brother! Smiley Face (Comment by ‘sageseaturtle’ about the WTM Instant 8-min Intro video on WTM YouTube channel at <>)


‘Check out “World Transformation Movement” and get the truth about human nature and the human condition:)’ (Comment by ‘xsosior’ at <>)


‘Geremy [sic] Griffith is a genius, he has recognised the single bigest problem known to man! This evidence should be spred across the World! It is our duty to understand ourselves, and progress into our natural state! …’ (Comment by ‘Wirral’ about extracts from WTM Intro Videos at <>)


This, to me, is the most significant thing I have ever stumbled across. (Clumsy. Who knew, right?) When I first read this particular chapter, I remember saying “That’s it. Fight’s over. Yee fricken haw, I knew it!” I have since, went back and read the whole book, BEYOND THE HUMAN CONDITION. All I can say isYee fricken haw! If it doesn’t hit you right awayit will down the road.’ (Commenter ‘garydgreer’ started a thread titled ‘The Human Condition’ at <>)


The Truth is HereI would just like to get this out there. It is your responsibility as human beings to read this book it is called Beyond the Human Condition and you can read it for FREE at in the Publications & Reviews section. If anyone actually does this please email me at [email protected] and share your thoughts.’ (Commenter ‘Kinch’ started a thread titled ‘The Truth is Here’ at <>)


I discovered Beyond The Human Condition in December 1991 and it lead to an “explosion” of books I’d never heard of in my life time and I’m still reading with enthusiasm:— Freedom, IS IT TO BE, A Species In Denial and about ten of Jeremy’s writings. This book is why I’m alive enough to scribe to you. Joy and Love to you all (Comment by David Stephens at <>)


We need to get this message out to kids. Its about the human condition or the struggle of good and evil. Instead of the manufactured religious BS its all science. This is NOT a religion, and it is also not new age BS.’ (Comment by ‘perky’ at <,989754>)


‘Great piece! [referring to a WTM blog post]This new dimension of meaning and explanation that we can access thanks to the solidarity of Jeremy Griffiths complete package of scientific insight is simply breathtaking. Not a moment of life is ever without understandable significance once all the available knowledge behind the human condition is grasped by an individual. Now that its available to us all, I sincerely believe that inspired pieces like this will contribute to building our momentum out of the alienated condition that is presently engulfing our society and fuelling our upset.’ (Comment by Sam Akritidis <>)


‘THANK YOU for your efforts and enlightenment, your work is revolutionary and absolutely necessary for all!’ (Comment by ‘InfiniteLight4’ at <>)


‘I thought this essay aptly title ‘Good vs Evil’ may be of interest to you - I’ve only recently come across these scientific theories but I’ve found it to say the least - profound. I agree with you that the dichotomy between the two sides of our natures can drive you crazy - am I good or am I bad? The biologist that wrote the paper mentioned suggests that we are fundamentally ‘good’ however the emergence of consciousness created the ‘human condition’ because our new conscious mind wanted to think but it had to co-exist with our already established instinctive orientations - he likens the evolution of consciousness to Adam taking the fruit from the tree of knowledge and us being banished from the garden. Anyway see what you think, I’m learning more about it everyday.’ The same author also contributed a second post to the same discussion thread: ‘Its really quite fascinating...Because if this is all correct, and science is just catching onto this - then it explains why we are all the “evil” things we are - “knowledge brings compassion” - and we can stop. The murdering, the pain all the suffering and rape and starvation can stop! (Comments by ‘afreemind’ at <>)


‘I’d like to share this long long 9-part presentation here

It just made me sit still for hours Smiley Face and I believe I know myself a little (or a whole lot?) better thinking about what I learned from these theses. I saw myself in his examples.’ (Comment by ‘Stoian Sedanov’ at <>)


‘As much as I would love to see the Millennium Consumption Goals implemented and achieved, you very conveniently overlook the fact that there is an “elephant in your living room” standing between you and your ideals. That “elephant” is the human condition. Go to www. for a safe, compassionate solution to YOUR problem as much as it is mine and every other member of the 6 soon to be 7 billion.’ (Comment by ‘Steven’ at <>)


Griffith’s books reveal how confronting understanding the human condition is & its incredibly insightful & helpful in relating it to my own life experiences. Yes immense insecurity lies in each of us & we are emotionally scarred wrecks & its compounding to the point where the planet won’t cope with our insatiable need to validate ourselves, we’re at breaking point, environmentally & mentally....Its been a tiring journey for humanity but now the human condition has been solved the door is wide open & you can leave it all behind as the only other option is terminal alienation & that is a dead end.’ (Comment by frank balamatsias at <>)


‘The Liberation and Transformation of the Human Race Through the Breakthrough Biological Understanding of The Human Conditiontake a chance and check it out! It will take a while to get through the info and sections at the web site may have to be reread or watched several times but if you stick with itanyone can understand the breakthrough of biological understanding of the human condition.’ (Comment by ‘Olman Jr’ at <;md=read;id=12535>)


‘Aug 27, 2010 I discovered Australian biologist Jeremy Griffith B.Sc., Founding Director of World Transformation Movement and author of books about the human condition…It is now possible to make sense of the deepest, darkest, previously off-limits issue of the human condition…From inner conflict emerges our shadow self, filled with anger, judgment, criticism, deep feelings of unworthiness, all of which feed and sustain incoherence in our world. Humans are in fact mistaken not evil, and very brave and magnificent heroes to experience the illusion of dualism or separation in this Earth reality.

Unable to explain negative human interaction up to now, the issue of the human condition has been difficult to look at, so much so that people live in denial of imperfection and dilemmas in our lives. Denial makes hearing about our shadow self or dark side difficult, so please re-listen, re-read, or re-watch Jeremy’s explanation to understand why humans are so competitive, aggressive and selfish, when the ideal is so clearly to be cooperative, loving and selfless…How smoothly we transition into a new world is a choice. Mainstream media silence delays awareness that our species stand at the edge of causing the next mass extinction or quantum leap in Conscious evolution.’ (Article by Doreen Agostino at <>)


‘Has anyone here read any Jeremy Griffith? I suggest that his profound work may well round out the picture you are painting and take this discussion from the ballistic to the relativistic; give this discussion more traction as we plan a transition from a position of being more in tune or aligned with our nature…Griffith suggests that it is not in our nature to be divisive and hateful and brutal, that these behaviours are symptoms of the real problem, that being our collective and individual inability to integrate our nature and the understanding of our own mortality into our daily view of ourselves and how we fit into our relationships, communities and the natural environment.

This topic is obviously too big for a single post, and if I have tickled your interest I suggest you quickly visit the following site. Please look past the basic nature of the site and the name itself. Once you have read and watched a little of Griffiths material you may come to understand his choice of words.

If Plato and Aristotle were alive and read Griffith, they would die happy men.’ (Comment by Stewart Shuker at <>)


Amazingly, it looks like all the answers to these hard questions [about what it means to be human] have been conclusively found by science. If this is true, we are in exciting times: After almost three years investigating these ideas, I have found them to be nearly bullet-proof (no dogma involved). I encourage all to look into them and discover if indeed they make sense of things that before made no sense. I think you might be pleasantly surprised (if not initially shocked).’ (Comment by Jay at <>)


‘There are all sorts of philosophy books out there that try and explain the human condition, or at least how to live with it. History is full of them. Lately some scientists have tried to get in on the act, arguing that everything can be reduced down to our genes. Think Dawkins and E.O. Wilson. I have read them all, well a lot of them anyway. Some are just epic fails. Some are awesome, but not because they explain everything, but because they tell you how to live with it all. And then there is this book. This is the only book I have ever read that categorically gets to the bottom of it all. It scientifically explains the human condition, and with that explained, all the questions about our behavior just unlock before your eyes. I don’t care what question you have, this book will answer it. Extraordinary.’ (FREEDOM review by Michael Jones at <>)


‘I just wanted to try and send a message of genuine congratulations to Jeremy. My name is Logan Gardner, and I’m a student at the University of Michigan. I like to write novels, and I recently finished one called the Gospels of Mad Americans. I didn’t know what it was about when I started, but what it ended up being about was America’s discovery of the concept of universal Love and Unity between, which is a concept I stumbled upon on my own as I wrote. I discovered the Book of Real Answers shortly after completing Gospels, and I believe it (and your other works) have the potential to bring humanity together on a grand scale.

I have a feeling that, if you never would’ve written your “Book of Answers” I likely would’ve attempted a similar work. Thankfully, it seems that you’ve already written an immensely successful explanation of the Human Condition, and that now all I have to do is sit around and wait for everybody else to realize how powerful of a revelation that is. I believe that your work may be the salvation of the human race, eventually. If you ever need somebody who’s very good with words, then I’d love to be of service. Congratulations, and thank you.’ (Comment by Logan Gardner at <>)


The following three comments, by the author known as ‘unasimple’, appear on various Reddit discussion forums:


‘Human nature is predicated on the human condition. Understanding of the human condition will change this. Australian biologist Jeremy Griffiths [sic] has at long last provided the pieces of the puzzle that carry Darwin’s theory of evolution through to completion and allow the human race to understand and thus psychologically rehabilitate itself. See for more information. (<>)


‘If you want to understand why humans don’t behave in such an completely altruistic and unselfish way towards each other and society read biologist Jeremy Griffith’s groundbreaking explanation of the biological origins of the human condition:<>)


‘Once the biological explanation of Jeremy Griffiths [sic] is understood both the scientific rationalistic view of life and the religious view are validated and become obsolete. The evolution of the conscious learning system (the mind) on top of an instinctive controlled species (our ape ancestor) created a necessary conflict. Essentially the mind in its search for cause and effect based understanding of the world upset or angered our cooperatively oriented (bonobo ape like) genetic orientation or what we experience as our conscience. This is original sin in biological terms. This journey of the human species ends with the finding of the understanding of the human condition:<>)


‘Been there. Check this out man. Watch the video and see it affect your life: (A comment posted on a thread titled, ‘Sigh. Live at home. College dropout. Forever alone. Depressed. Self-conscious. Low self-esteem. How do I get motivated?’ at <>)


‘…I have good news! The biological synthesis that explains the duality of “good and evil” in the human condition, has been found! We don’t have to just “believe” we’re good anymore. We can actually KNOW that we are. Linkin Park was right in there song, “God bless us EVERYONE, we’re a broken people living under loaded gun.” Here is the breakthrough biological explanation that PROVES we are ALL very, very good. We have just been living in a tormented state: (Comment by Jonathan Thomas at <>)


‘For those of you who have given up on solving the Human Dilemma, and it’s continuing unresolved human problems, I refer you to the content at website: Therein is the knowledge upon which a revolutionary new paradigm is presented, for what it is to be a human in this present day.’ (Comment by Robert V. Achen at <>)


I’ve had many a restless night wondering whether we are just lumbering shells to protect and reproduce genes, that there is no purpose to our existence and that anything is “allowed.” But there was a part of me that knew I wouldn’t feel guilty or that humanity wouldn’t have so many psychological problems if survival of the individual’s genes were all that mattered. Then I found Jeremy Griffith. (Comment by Alex at <>)


The World Transformation Movement…have found hard evidence which will help you understand the most profound questions that have plagued mankind for centuries. The absolute definition of The Human Condition. The videos and wealth of information provided on the website do take some time to get through but I absolutely guarantee it will set you free.’ (Comment by Philip Butler at <>)


‘I’m always looking to expand my thinking. I recently recieved a blog suggestion to check out a website. Wow! I was moved. You have to be open minded to even accept what is being said, because it is outside the box but it is logical. There are a set of videos I wanted to put on this site but they were just too big. I recommend everyone to at least experience what is being said. Definetely a must see! (A comment by James Parker at <>)


‘I’ve just had my socks blown off at a website I stumbled on yesterday; and stayed up all last night reading it from top to bottom…these [are] mind-shattering ideas…[Griffith] makes a convergence of science and myth and describes the human condition; as a combination of instinct and intellect tempered with compassion…Ayn Rand was a brilliant thinker, a genius. She stands with Socrates, Gallileo and Freud in contributing towards a better understanding of the human condition; but another eccentric, has climbed upon her shoulders…[Griffith] speaks with a depth of understanding…and it bodes well for a magnificent future…Jeremy Griffith can speak with benevolence and compassion about absolutely everyone…This is the first day of the rest of your life, open your mind to Jeremy Griffith, who knows the places you’ll go...Happy reading. Happy life. I’M FREE! I’M FREE, I’M FREE, AT LAST! (Comments by Sharon at <>)


‘...There are other theories too about the ultimate source of our inner split, and the most fascinating I’ve encountered is by Australian philosopher Jeremy Griffith…His writings are available at the World Transformation Movement website, where you could spend days being quite blown away by how it all fits together. I have. (Comment by Werner John on <>)


‘…check out and read everything there (or at least Beyond the Human Condition in the Publications and Reviews section). It will either blow your mind or piss you off, either way, get back to me at [email protected](Comment by ‘Kinch’ at <>)


This website holds the answers you seek’ (Tweet by Luke Mulhall, journalist and radio producer at <>)


‘www.worldtransformation.com_understand the human condition and transform yourself and the world from a point of understanding of the human conditionwithout need for religion, Dogma or Political Utopia’ (Comment by Chris Shermer on Facebook at <>)


This article [WTM’s What is Science? article] is a fascinating read on the subject of Science, God, Consciousness and the seeking of truth about what lies inside and outside of us…the article is truly fascinating (Post by Courtney at <>)


Self-Discovery or Self-Destruction? World Transformation Movement (Tweet by @JacqueMcGinnis at <>)


@World_Transform very enlightening insights, let’s all wise up quickly (Tweet by Dominic Aunger@thaunjer at <>)


‘Are you familiar with this explanation of the human condition? Groundbreaking and transforming.’ and This explanation of the human condition is so clear and astounding.’ (Tweets by @EmergentCulture at <>)


Look! I thank you from my heart for all of this magic information.

Things happen for a reason, I am seventy three years old. Love life, I go to U3A. “The University of the third age.” Mamma Mia, I am learning “Human Nature”. Once again molto - molto grazie.’ (Comment by patrizia at <>)


‘…I feel revolted with the state of the world. I just wondered if the following information may be of interest to you as to why we have that dark side to us, but know that we aren’t inherently evil. It is from The World Transformation Movement…The videos are a series of lectures (quite lengthy) from one of the patrons of the movement, Jeremy Griffith, who explains with great honesty, empathy and passion, that we carried a very big burden when we developed a thinking mind. When I watched the videos, it made sense. I felt something lift inside me, a sense of understanding, and hope for us. I can relate it to things that have happened in my own life and I can understand the sources of my emotion…Here is the URL: http://www.’ (Comment by Jackie Ashton on Facebook discussion board at <>)


I was depressed for about 20 years...At one point in my life, though, It lifted (in a very short period) after realising that I wasn’t the only messed up/“damaged”/“not good enough” person on the planet, and that to some degree, everybody is struggling with the same shit (just a lot of people have pushed it out of their mind, and become “shallow” about it all. I got this insight from a book called “A Species In Denial”, which has apparently pulled quite a few people out of depression.)...realising that I was far from the only one who felt like that (and that we where [sic] all mistaken), changed everything...My life changed in that moment. I have felt pain since, but that is so different, and so much easier to handle than depression. I’m grateful, where once I was hurt. Tender, where once I was resentful.’ (Comment by Ty at <>)


The following collection of extracts are from’s Customer Review section, for the book A Species In Denial (< - R39PWT9MDQNT5H>)


‘Arriving at the gatesAs I write this review, tears stream down my face, so overcome have I been by this book. It is the greatest book on the planet, no wait, in the universe. In fact it is the greatest anything in the universe.’ (Review by ‘Beta’)


‘Simply the Best…It is a profound book and a compelling read, as the author explains the truth about the human condition and provides answers to our universal questions about life. These answers can be very confronting, but the overall picture presented is both compassionate and hopeful…For me, this book is simply the best. I’m sure it will become one of the great books of our time.’ (Review by Shirley Savage)


Much appreciated book, and most remarkable of discoveries…This book delves into The Human Condition or simply put, the human beings (or our) non-ideal state. I had never previously encountered such a thorough analysis of what The Human Condition is, and to say the least I was initially fairly confronted and confused when i first read this book. But after subsequent study and re-reading, I am now, to say the very least, unbearably excited about the prospects of such a biological discovery in regards to human nature.’ (Review by Sam Akritidis)


‘What an amazing book…But be warned this book is extremely confronting as it really makes you take a good hard look at yourself and the world around youI am still in shock that yes I am living in denial of the human condition, sitting still in my comfort zone happily ignoring the atrocities that humans deal out to each other and nature everyday. It’s given me a massive wake up call and I am excited that there is potential for a real future for humanity, not one marred by superficiality and anger. I have no doubt this book will shatter many conventional views and shake people’s foundations but I am so thankful that someone actually has had the guts to write this book and then some more to go ahead and publish it.’ (Review by Miranda Ellis)


‘Just heard Andrew on 2MMM and what he was talking about is very similar to a book I just finished reading called, A Species in Denial by Jeremy Griffith. An incredible read!! I would like to hear him speak, he has extraordinary insight into human condition. Also I’d love to be there, so please contact me’ (Karen Casey suggesting Jeremy Griffith be interviewed on the ABC talk show ‘Enough Rope’, at <


‘Correct me if I am wrong, but perhaps it is not really hating yourself, but rather not knowing why you are; why everything around you seems to have the wrong kind of suggestion. A writer, Jeremy Griffith - has spoken of such ideas. In his book A Species in Denial he speaks about resignation; when one gives into the society we know to be wrongbut feel we cannot change. I recommend this book, if not only the essay on resignation. Very insightful. Let me know if it is hard to obtain, and I’ll see what I can do about it.’ (Comment by ‘Len’ at <>)


‘I read Jeremy Griffiths first book FREE THE END OF THE HUMAN CONDITION about three years ago and much has happened since in that time. The truth truly does set you free…I’m no scholar…but then I don’t have to be to understand something as simple and perfect as the truth.’ (Comment by Jeremy Schroder at <>)


‘This is a big one for me. I have been reading A Species In Denial by Jeremy Griffith…His whole purpose in the book is to reconcile humans to the wonder of their natural history, to explain the human condition, bring healing to our conscience (I.e. we aren’t sinners but a product of evolution) and give us the dignifying amazing story of our species development. When I was reading it for the first time since I walked away from Christianity I found a new sense of purpose and meaning.

I feel like I know my real place in the universe now and I know that I want to help us mature as a species. Yeah that sounds a little grand, but it is important to me to feel like I am not alone in this journey and that my life can make difference no matter how significant to our species development.’ (Comment by ‘SaintCaffine’ at <>)