Please Note: FREEDOM: The End Of The Human Condition is the concise, main presentation of Jeremy Griffith’s breakthrough biological synthesis on the human condition, and is the recommended access to these understandings that save the world. Jeremy Griffith’s book Freedom: Expanded presents the expanded, definitive account of his insights, which means it will eventually incorporate the content of all his books and writings, including this book, The Great Exodus: From the horror and darkness of the human condition.


The Book –

The Great Exodus:

From the horror and darkness of the human condition

by Jeremy Griffith, 2006


With a Foreword by Harry Prosen,
former President of the Canadian Psychiatric Association


The Great Exodus

This book contains a significant expansion of the biological synthesis that Jeremy Griffith wrote for The Human Condition Documentary Proposal. It also incorporates a very substantial expansion of the contents of Jeremy’s The Great Exodus essay that was published in the United States in mid-2006 in the book Living a Life of Value


The significance of this book in relation to Jeremy Griffith’s previous book, A Species In Denial, is that while A Species In Denial provides an in-depth analysis of the main aspects of Jeremy’s account of the human condition, this book contains the most advanced (in 2006) presentation of his synthesis of the biology of the human condition. It also contains a description of the psychological stages with ages that humans negotiated under the duress of the human conditionincluding a brief concluding section on how humans can cope with the confronting exposure of our variously human-condition-afflicted lives that unavoidably occurs when understanding of the human condition arrives.


Quote from Professor Prosen’s 2006 Foreword:

‘Finding understanding of the human condition, our capacity for good and evil, has been the Holy Grail of the whole Darwinian revolution and I am convinced this book presents that vital understanding, and by so doing makes possible the rehabilitation of the human race.’


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