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World Transformation Movement


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Section 4:1 ‘The vision splendid’  by Jeremy Griffith
4:2 Do I have to agree with all the information to be a member? by Jeremy Griffith
4:3 Support for Members  by Jeremy Griffith
4:4 Membership Meetings  by Tony Gowing
4:5 Funding the WTM  by Tony Gowing
4:6 The TRANSFORMATION of the world  by Jeremy Griffith
4:7 Brief Summary of Conditions of Membership  by Tony Gowing

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Summary of Conditions of Membership

Apart from there naturally having to be an appreciation of the world-saving importance of the understanding of the human condition that the WTM is supporting; and there necessarily having to be goodwill, patience, respect and empathy for the difficult circumstances of this pioneer stage of our movement; and paying a small, one-off joining fee of AUS$20 (AUS$10 for Junior Members under the age of 16), the only requirement of membership is that members submit a brief monthly report on their progress as members of the WTM. These reports are critical because they will enable us to help and support our members and also inform us of any issues we need to address. 

Note: Once you are a member you can ‘Log In’ on our main navigation bar for more exciting information about membership.

Application for WTM Membership

For the important reason explained below, in addition to having General Members, Junior Members and Group Members, we have made it possible for those who would like to be a member but who wish to remain anonymous to share in all the activities of members. As the law in Australia requires applicants for membership of a company to supply their real name and address, anonymous participants can only be regarded as ‘provisional members’.


The application form for General Membership

The application form for Junior Membership

The application form for Group Membership

The application form for provisional membership


Provisional membership for those who wish to remain anonymous


When listening to and reading about this explanation of the human condition, it normally doesn’t take long to appreciate the world-saving importance of what is being presented, however, it can take time to get over the enormous shock of encountering a world where the historically forbidden subject of the human condition is talked about so openly and freely. So while people can feel confident that they meet the requirement for becoming a WTM member of appreciating the world-saving importance of this understanding of the human condition, they may also feel the need for some room and freedom to process the enormity of this marvelous breakthrough. They can feel that they would very much like to become a member to support and participate in this world-saving project, but remain temporarily anonymous while they absorb everything about this astonishing new world that has suddenly opened up for the human race.


It is important to clarify that we are not referring to people who are cynical, or even angry and defensive towards this human-condition-exposing information, and wanting to be evasive so they can be disruptive, because it will soon become apparent that such individuals do not meet the requirement of being empathetic and, as a result, they will not be retained as members. No, on the contrary, it’s like arriving in an exciting foreign land where, at first, you just want to anonymously walk around and take it all in—after all, the ‘paradigm shift’, as so many people describe the effects of this information, is immense. The WTM has had a lot of experience with what happens to people when they encounter these understandings and what we have learnt is that this overwhelmed-by-it-all, ‘shock stage’ is very real, so we wanted to acknowledge it here and accommodate it.


For this reason we have decided to accept participants who, at least for a while, wish to remain anonymous. As detailed on the provisional membership application page, all that anonymous provisional members have to do is supply a ‘username’ (which is the name we will refer to them by online and in our correspondence), a ‘password’, and an email address, and pay a AUS$20 participation fee (in lieu of the membership joining fee). There are more details on the provisional membership application page, but since credit card payments may reveal your identity, you will need to post your participation fee as a bank cheque, money order or equivalent. Obviously the more details you can provide about yourself, such as your sex, age, occupation, locality of residence, etc, the easier it will be to assess your monthly reports and help you, and this project, progress. Of course, we hope it won’t be long before provisional members feel familiar enough with this new paradigm to disclose their real name and thus become General Members or Junior Members of the WTM