Overview of The Human Condition


An overview of the ideas


Charles Darwin explained the origin of the variety of life on Earth and connected humans with nature, but there biology has been stalled, unable to take the next step of explaining the human condition.


It is this question of questions that those involved in the World Transformation Movement (WTM) maintain biologist Jeremy Griffith has answered.


Paradoxically, his answer defends and dignifies humans in the most remarkable way. It lifts the burden of guilt, making possible our species’ psychological rehabilitationmaking possible the real repair, in fact the TRANSFORMATION, of ourselves and our planet.


The biology


The understanding of the human condition explains the difference between our instincts and intellect and the effect that difference has had on our behaviour. It describes how the anger and selfishness felt by humans is the result of these two factions within ourselvesthe gene-based instinctive learning system struggling against the nerve-based intellect’s capacity to understand.


This conflict, which started some two million years ago when consciousness emerged, causes humans to live with an undeserved sense of guilt that is characterised by competition and aggression. Once guilt is removed by being explainedwhich the WTM explains is now possiblethe competition and aggression in humans naturally subsides.




Jeremy Griffith’s thesis is grounded in first principle biologythere is no mysticism, faith, or belief element to the ideas. The WTM is not talking about a way of restraining our aggressive and divisive natures through discipline or transcendence, it is claiming to actually remove these aspects from our make-up through the logic driven compassionate resolution of the psychological dilemma that produced them.


Catch phrases that we are familiar with, like ‘human potential’ and ‘self esteem’, stress this yearning for self-justification and self-realisation, but the ability to feel contented ultimately depends on self-understandingunderstanding why we are competitive, aggressive and selfish when the ideals are to be cooperative, loving and selfless.


While the WTM claims to bring understanding to why we are aggressive and divisive, it is not condoning such behaviour, rather that understanding the causes of that behaviour heals it by bringing compassion to the situation. The WTM maintains that the ultimate objective of the human journey has been to find this greater dignifying understanding of ourselves.