What is the Human Condition?


Please Note: for the best description of the human condition we strongly recommend you watch Section 1:4 of ‘Q & A’s – Jeremy Griffith answering questions’ in the WTM Video Library, or read Chapter 1.2 of FREEDOM.


Definition of the human condition

A definition of the term ‘human condition’, and everyday references we use which refer to this issue underlying all aspects of our behaviour.


Overview of the human condition

An overview of the implications of the explanationsthe first-principle-based biology underpinning themand how resolving the human condition is fundamentally different to other attempts to improve the human situation.


Summary of the biology of the human condition

Explaining the human condition involves looking at what occurred in human evolutionary development when the intellect evolved to the level where it could take control from the instincts. In particular, what occurred in the human species when our intellectual, or conscious thinking ability emerged in the presence of our already established genetic, or instinctive self.


The essential observation is that the two systems clashed. This conflict is explained under the sections:


The biological explanation and

An illustration of the explanation using the ‘Adam Stork’ story analogy 


‘Whenever there has been a major insoluble problem for mankind, the answer, when finally found, has always been very simple’ (Allan Savory, Holistic Resource Management, 1988).